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10 - “Do’s and Don’ts” Wall Decorating to Fit Your Personality

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Are you looking at a blank wall(s) in your home?

Unsure of where to start?

First things first:

#1 - Get confident.

It's your home, your personality.

Select items that you favor because of you're fond of the color, the image reminds you of a pleasant experience, it's a family keepsake, or a photo of someone or somewhere you admire.

Start by gathering your favorites together. Next, sort by category of how they fit into the room. Consider the colors in the room and the function of the room. Fore example, you'll probably want different images in a game room compared to a master bedroom.

Ready to grab the hammer and hang that art? Not quite yet. That's okay. Baby steps work!

Explore the 10 - “Do’s and Don’ts” of Wall Decorating

... and you'll be ready for that first stride.

# 1 – Throughout the house, mix it up … paintings, posters, or how about your six-year-old’s drawing of the family … it’s adorable and memorable!

The items you collect don't have to match. That's why we first talked about different wall pieces for different rooms. If the items you selected are your favorite, keep them, and continue to add to the collection. Soon you'll have enough items to hang together.

# 2 – Regarding art: paintings don’t have to be expensive to provide you with great pleasure on a daily basis. If your budget allows, buy original and enjoy the quality and texture. However, depending on the importance of the area you may want to decorate with prints and limited editions.

# 3 – Consider enlarging and mounting your photographs. Create one big center of interest or gather a small grouping.

My Favorite "DO's" for Decorating Your Walls:

# 4 – Do you have a big wall and only small art?

Consider extra wide mats to make the smaller piece appear larger! It’s a great trick and works best if you place this concept in an area where you can get close to view the details in the small art.

# 5 – If you have a large wall consider installing a shelf.

Then sit the artwork on the shelf, and lean the pieces against the wall. Layer a few pieces together for a striking display.

# 6 – It’s best to plan out a gallery wall before hitting that first nail.

Place the art options on the ground in front of the wall and play around with the arrangement until you find one that satisfies you. Generally the space between the art pieces is two inches on either side and below and above.

BONUS TRICK: use removable painter's tape or Kraft paper, Here's the link to learn how.

# 7 – Hang artwork at eye level. Who’s eye level? It’s your home so make it your height.

Dad tall, Mom petite? Compromise so that the center point of a single picture or grouping of art is between your heights.

# 8 – Use two hooks on any picture that is greater than a foot wide. This will keep the art level and prevent it from tipping.

# 9 – Grab a friend. The job goes smoother with at least two people so one can hold it in place, and the other can step back and make sure the placement is correct.

Okay, I changed my mind...this is my favorite "DO's" for decorating your walls! Drum roll ...

# 10 – Hang art in every room! Once you get started, don’t stop. Spread the cheer and decorate the entryways, mudrooms, hallways!

Bonus Reminder: Buy what you love and surround yourself with it. Enjoy the bright cheerful colors, or the meandering path that makes you feel like you’re escaping on a mini vacation.

If you love it, display it.

"Do" enjoy decorating your walls!


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