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8 easy ‘On-The-Go,’ ‘Do-Anywhere’ tips to make your creativity soar

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

No supplies required.

Are you part of the 90% of the population who’s right-handed?

I am.

Stats say: Most right-hand people predominately use the logical left-side of their brain.

Not so great for innovative problem-solving.

But there's an easy fix.

Stimualte the creative right-side of your brain in less than 7-10 minutes a day doing these simple exercises.

1. Notice idiosyncrasies and variety of shapes. Wherever you are.

View the vases above.

Now, give them another look, but this time don't veiw them as a vases.

Starting in the lower left corner, let your eyes trace the outline of the green vase. Pay attention to the rthymic dents at the clear base going upward towards the round shape of the green glass.

Continue, letting your eyes travel up towards the straight stem and around the circular clear glass shape at the top. Next, let your eyes move along the flat surface of the maize vase, then up the angled side of the gold, across the top and down the side. Contiue to outline the nooks and crannys of the blue glass.

Viewing the DETAILS instead of labelling them as vases on a shelf engages the right-side of the brain.

2. Free Association

The left-side of your brain will see this pillow as a symbol that represents a rose.

Now, change the color of the rose, from yellow to red. Associating the image with a color engages the right-side of your brain.

Next, deepen that red, to the color of a burgandy Bordeaux wine. Then make it bigger, shrink it, move it to the right. Make it dance, swaying to a melody. All this imagining keeps your right-brain dominant.

3. Switch hands, stimulaing other senses

Use your non-dominant hand in an unfamiliar way, like brushing your teeth, combing your hair.

This repatterns your right-brain hemisphere heightening your awareness of feeling pressure, vibration, temperature. Close your eyes and do a simple task, like sipping your coffee.

If you have good balance, try things like getting dressed or more complicated things like walking down a hallway (keep your arms slightly outstretched to catch yourself if needed).

Stimulating other senses will strengthen the right-side of the brain.

So often we are disconnected from our breath. Make it a practice to check-in, notice your breathing and allow your breathing to expand your creative center.

Breath and expand.

Notice what you’re experiencing, including the scents that are around you. What smells linger in the air?

Create images or words to describe them.

“Shallow breathing is the root of all evil, but conscious deep breathing restores and secures our souls.” ~ Desmond Green

5. Move

Move, stretch, sway. Do what feels good for you. Allow your body to guide you. Move into the places that feel stiff or are holding tension. Move into the places that feel expansive and good.

Moving releases all kinds of good stuff in our brains. It helps us think clearer, with more confidence and imagination.

“If you don’t move your body, your right brain thinks you’re dead. Movement of the body will not only clear out the “sludge,” but will also give you more energy.” ~ Sylvia Brown

Up for a mini adventure? Walk barefoot. Pay attention to the unique feel of the rocks and ground with your feet. Let the grass squish between your toes. This gives kinesthetic sensations that are new, enhancing your right-brain development.

Too chilly for bare feet?

Switch up your driving routine, venturing on a new route. You may not get the kinetic experience of the grass tickling your toes, but roll down the window, breathe in the humidity of the day, hear the swoosh of the wind, and feel the breeze on your cheek.

Take the time to slow down and really TASTES your food.

Notice where the flavors and textures take you. Think of an August peach. You wash that treasure under a stream of cooling water. As your fingertips feel the fuzzy texture; your mouth waters in anticipation. Leaning over the sink to make sure you don’t drip on yourself, you plunge your teeth into the flesh, and the juice trickles down your cheeks and dangles on your chin.

So when you eat, slow down, and let your imagination simmer.

7. Notice color

It’s so easy to go through our days having everything go by in a blur.

But stop. S-l-o-w down and take a moment.

Notice the colors and vibrancy around you.

  • How your banana is spotted with a rich umber tip that has streaks of green streaming into golden yellow.

  • The tweed fabric on the side chair has a rainbow of blues woven throughout

  • Gaze out your window, notice the hundred shades of ebony to ink on the tree bark out your window.

8. Take More Photos

Okay, this one requires a piece of equipment, your phone, but, sadly, who doesn’t have their phone attached to them all day long?

Make it a mission to take more photos throughout your day. But this time, aim the view finder to explore the unexpected.

Small details, new angles at seeing a familiar object or scene.

Notice color, shape and texture.

Let your eye get drawn in and capture it.

So I dare you.

Give yourself 7 minutes a day ...

and watch your problem-solving skills skyrocket!

If you’re willing to pick up a pencil, I have 5 more tips

No artistic talent required.

Just pen and paper to get your right side of the brain going.

The advantage of activating your right-side of your brain is to use your imagination, and discover find different ways to generate and interpret solutions.


5 Creativity Tips – all you need is paper and pencil


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