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How Small Art Equals Big Impact in your Home and Personality

Updated: May 23, 2022

4 Benefits of decorating with small paintings

1. Filling those small spaces will unify your home's proportion and balance.

By placing proportionately sized art to your space you'll maintain the scale of the room, with the bonus of adding interest.

When your room is on the smaller side focus on picking out small, impactful pieces that match the scale of your space.

2. Small art is a mood enhancer.

When you spot a small painting in an unexpected place it'll trigger a smile on your face brought on by its color, saying, or fond memory.

Areas with small art placement turn into an instant oasis of reverie.

The calm mood continues with more cool blues.

These colors of sky and water are restful and give a feeling of relaxation.

Perfect for a room where you prefer quiet relaxation.

For small art that'll create BIG impact consider areas that you spend a lot of time... bathrooms.

Often bathrooms are overlooked, yet it's the place you start your day.

A strategically placed small painting will rev up your get-up-and-go that you'll need to tackle the day.

3. Buying small paintings give you flexibility.

Whether you're moving to a new location, or just moving art in your home, small art is easy to place.

Consider adding to a collection of small paintings. Before you realize, the tinier pieces can grow into a noteworthy display.

4. Mix texture with small art for big dramatic impact

Does your personality like excitement?

Then you'll probably like texture.

Textures of satin, smooth, nubby, glossy, and even patterns are sure to perk up your home decor.

On the bookshelves below, the balance of color and texture adds energy to your small space in a big way.

Don't forget drama in unexpected places... especially places you linger... like the dinner table.

As you savor delectable bites, small art on the dining room table can stir you soul.

Add texture with small art on the dining room table.

By placing potted herbs, next to a small painting, suddenly it's an indoor picnic. It's like you can feel the warm summer sun on your back as you relax and sip your wine.

The textures from plants bring instant freshness to your home and grandstand the art for the greatest impact.

In summary, immerse yourself with the four benefits of small art in your home:

  • Balance

  • Mood enhancer

  • Flexibility

  • Tantalizing texture


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