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How to Confidently Choose Art as a Gift for Home Décor Lovers

Updated: May 23, 2022

8 tips to choose a gift they'll cherish, making memories for years

Handcrafted gifts are created from the heart, and given from the heart.

Be it wedding, graduation, or a milestone of any kind... give a gift they'll treasure... art.

And believe me, it'll be treasured. During the first anniversary of owning an art gallery for 25 years, I held a drawing - the prize was a small original painting of mine.

The random name I picked was of a fellow who lived 300 miles away. Instantly, I wondered if he'd want to drive six hours to pick up a small painting.

Much to my amazement, the couple return to the gallery the next weekend. They continue to return every year to celebrate their anniversary. They always make a special point of telling me how much joy my painting continued to bring them.

Handcrafted gifts, like art, become priceless possessions of tomorrow.

Such gifts are often items that people wouldn’t buy themselves. Perhaps, because they feel the need to be practical when it comes to spending on their home.

Yet, their home is their haven, bringing daily respite. It’s a placed shared with others, where lifelong memories are made.

Why not enhance their experience? Give a timeless gift of quality that becomes part of their lives.

8 tips to choose a memorable original piece of art for the home lover

1. Keep it small

It's easier for someone to find a perfect place for a small-sized gift. Although your selection will not be large in size, it’ll win praise for it’s flexibility in the ease of choosing a location and living with the treasure.

2. Buy for their taste, not yours

Think about their interests and likes before your start browsing. Just remember it's not for you!

Where do they like to travel?

Where do they spend their free time?

Do they have any hobbies? Gardening, perhaps. Are they lake lover, crazy for dogs?

Pathway through the sand and dunes leading to Lake Michingan by Kate Moynihan
Is their motto: Beach time is best? Kate's water and dunes might fit their style.

3. Consider what style and design they have in their space

Do they tend to go for antique furniture or more contemporary?

Expanding on a style they already find comfortable will help you gauge their taste.

4. Investigate the color palette they currently have in their home. If you don’t know, what colors do they wear consistently?

People wear the colors they feel comfortable in.

Dressing in denim tells you blue is a safe choice, and that they're attracted to a casual feeling. Whereas, sterling silver earnings or a tie clasp tells a different story.

Consider a sneak peek inside their closet for a hint of color preference.

5. Still unsure of their tastes? Consider seasonal décor!

Each year when they tug out the tote, peel back the tissue, and unpack your keepsake gift, memories will resurface, bringing more meaning and gratitude to the holiday.

Bring a spark of joy when they place your gift among their holiday decor.

6. If you aren’t sure of colors, style, hobbies or interest, consider the emotional impact of the piece

Often times an art piece will portray or evoke certain feelings.

7. Go with your instinct

Nine times out of ten you'll always come back to that option which was your first choice. If that happens, don't fight it. Your gut can be that good.

8. Don't get too many opinions on the gift

Everyone has different tastes and certainly different opinions.

Don't allow yourself to become overwhelmed with everyone's input.

Buy it and stand firm.

Remember you have the recipient at the forefront of your thoughts – and that’s where your mind should be.

Be memorable the next time you give a gift - choose art for their home!


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