What three things do you value? Will they lead to a happy and successful life?

Interestingly enough, these are my top three things I value:

  • Vegan coffee creamer

  • Coffee mug from Santa’s Secret shop

  • Self - growth

Although not high on the monetary scale, they're high on what brings me joy:

  • the savoring of morning coffee

  • the glow that radiates inside my chest from one look at the mug my granddaughter gave me

  • and lastly, self-growth

Learning and trying something new is why I took a year-long journey to push myself from realism to abstract and scheduled a solo show at the Holland Area Arts Center.

I was in my early thirties when I made my first commitment to “no regrets” - which was leaving the security of my nursing career and returning to college as an art major (short story, click for long story).

Over the years, I thrived in all aspects of being an artist: the painting, the promoting, even the daily grind of not-so-pretty jobs like taking out the trash …. Everything that an independent small business owner was sent their way, I loved!

For thirty years art has fueled me.

It’s why I value it.

Why it's a priority.

Why I risked everything to give color and art back to the world.

For my exhibit at the arts council, I was inspired by Picasso’s 11-bull lithograph series where he stripped away the details of the animal to its essential form. Wanting to break out of my ‘safe’ zone of painting traditional images for 30 years, I chose to do the same, capturing a freedom and expansiveness, using a dash of imagination and intuition.

This journey has been a valuable artistic experience for me.

Perhaps you value art for a different reason.

There are so many reasons why living with art is a priority:

  • It changes your mood

  • Makes you feel something

  • Says things words can’t

  • Takes you to a place of reverie

  • Keeps a memory alive or makes a new one

  • Fosters your creativity

  • Supports your taste, style, personality

  • Last longer than most things

And if I'm lucky, you value art.

Perhaps beyond what hangs on your wall

Beyond art having value, it can make a remarkable keepsake so I'm expressing art in book format.

This print-on-demand book shares my recent year-long artistic journey: What I Learned From Picasso.

Inside I share short inspirational stories and tips on what motivates me.

It's the perfect coffee table book filled with 35 full-color paintings, 22 lay-flat pages for easy display, white matte paper, with durable matte hardcover, 8.5 x 11."

$38. Click here for details.

I find it interesting that we can rustle up the money on what we value:

That winter vacation where you leave the hectic day-to-day and escape to balmy palm trees. Or a decadent piece of chocolate, or pedicure ... or a piece of art.

I hope you'll let art into your life. Value it.

Maybe with this book.

Maybe with a piece of art for your wall, click here for my website of originals and prints.