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Small original birch tree painting with path in soft blues and greens

Original Birch 'The Path Going Forward' - 10 x 8"


This small vertical original birch tree landscape invites you to take one step forward.


I got a text from my teacher friend: "It's been a heck of a day ... and there's four more days until summer vacation. I'm not going to make it."


"One step," I said to my friend, texting a photo of this painting. "Just take one step. That's all you need to push forward and put your day behind you."


Why was I firing off art to my friend?" you ask.


After 25 years of owning an art gallery I've learned a path in a painting is like waving a magic wand. One glance and I've watched a person's scrunched up shoulders relax and their breathing slow into smooth easy sighs as they take one step along that path and get lost in the art.

Just what my friend needed.


Let this path take you where you want to go ... forward. Because that is where you put the past behind you and grab onto all that life has to offer!


This small painting in soft blues and greens will quietly lead you forward, moving you to where you want to go ... forward. because that is where you can grab onto all that life has to offer!


Original oil, 10h x 8w x 1.5" Ready to hang or sit on a shelf.


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