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Painting Workshop

Kate's 4 Seasons - Summer

Most Popular Workshop:
"Yes, You Can Control Watercolor"

Duration: 6 hours

A one-day workshop or optional split into multiple classes

Grab your paintbrush and learn to master the idiosyncrasies of working in watercolor!

I've always been a person who asks, "What's next?" If you tell me water and oil never mix, well, I might accept that, or quickly ask, “But, what if I try ...?” I simply love challenges, and mastering watercolor is a doozy of a challenge, filled with unpredictability and artistic accidents. After 25 years of work in the medium, I've learned a trick or two – and I'd love to share them with you.


In this workshop, you will learn to understand paint characteristics and materials, such as granulators, separators, stains, and lifters. You will also discover effective tips for color mixing. Through demonstration and hands-on experience, you’ll learn to master line quality, not just with a brush but by exploring other tools to achieve interesting movement in your painting.


Next, you will practice eleven corrective techniques to implement if things don’t go quite right. Lastly, you will conquer composition by learning the five elements of design. We will apply these concepts and self-critique tips for evaluating your work.


As a refresher when you need it, a detailed handout is provided upon “graduation.”

View a teaching style sample below:

Supply List

  • Watercolor paints; any tubes you own, any brand

  • Brushes; any that you own

  • Sponges; any medium and small

  • A container for water

  • Partial roll of paper towels

  • Paper, minimum 120 lb.; hot, cold, or rough press. Four pieces approximately 11 x15 inch. The sheets don’t have to be the same size. The paper is for practicing techniques and creating reference guides for later use. Note: You will not leave class with a finished work; instead, you will gain a vast amount of knowledge to improve your painting.

  • Bring a piece of thick cardboard or wood, slightly bigger than your paper, to protect the table.

  • Optional: Bring a camera, or tablet, or cell phone capable of taking photos. You might want to snap shots of my Power-Point slides, charts, and other examples that I will present.

  • Optional: Bring one of your finished paintings if you would like a critique in front of the group.

  • Don’t forget a bag lunch and beverage.

More About Kate

Always one to strive for growth and conquer challenges, Kate has obtained extensive knowledge in watercolor that she is offering to share with you in an intimate, hands-on learning experience. Kate’s passion for watercolor began in Michigan in her late twenties. Her design and artistic knowledge grew when she moved to North Dakota and graduated from Bismarck State College with an art major twenty-five years ago. Kate then returned to her home state of Michigan and opened an art gallery in beautiful downtown Holland, Michigan. Kate has presented her watercolors at Art Expos in Chicago and New York, winning numerous awards.

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