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Art of Friendship - relationships and their benefits.

Two easy solutions when you're feeling down

1. Call your best friend

2. Lean on your art

Nothing is better than a best friend when you're in a slump and feeling blah!

A friend provides:

  • A listening ear

  • Soothing touch

  • Non-judgmental support.

They give you a "mellow glow" of familiarity and security. Yet, this morning as I sipped my coffee, a mellow glow traveled through me not from a friend or from the soothing chai, but from the familiarity of my mug.

My "My grandma rocks" mug triggered a memory of my five-year-old granddaughter bouncing on her tiptoes as she proudly handed me this gift she had wrapped in more tape than paper.

Like a BFF, this inanimate but treasured mug provided comfort, companionship, and familiarity. It made me smile.

Your home is not simply a place where you live, but a place that can buzz with human-to-human friendships AND relationships with meaningful art.

Art and Friendships have 4 beneficial similarities:

1. Nostalgia

Just as a best friendship relies on a strong foundation, art reaches your foundation, too.

When I see a bright red cardinal, I am reminded of my dad whistling its song with his mustache dancing -- the same mustache that'd tickle my cheek with every good-night kiss.

Choosing artwork that reaches your foundation of good feelings is like inviting a best friend into your home.

2. Sense of Importance

When a friend drops whatever they’re doing to help you, their loyalty boosts your worthiness.

Art can be just as loyal, comforting you unconditionally, motivating you, even brightening your mood.

Art's one-of-a-kind quality exudes the same finer qualities as a good friend.

3. Mindset shift

Challenges are part of life. Unexpected changes pop up daily. The support of a friend can pull you out of a slump, listen as you vent, or ask questions to help you sort out your feelings.

Whereas, gazing at art can have a calming effect, too. Try it. Let your mind wander and escape into the scene below and the soothing colors. Letting it center you, feeling your shoulders relax, noticing that your breathing is easier, slower.

Your mindset shifts: Problems are just challenges in disguise.

4. Supports YOU

Both friends and art support your taste, your style, personality.

A friend accepts you for who you are.

They sense when not to pass judgment and when to be honest, even when they think you may not like it.

Like a BFF, art provides an anchor that settles your soul and lets you leave your worries at the door.

Friends and art come in all shapes and sizes.

Friends aren't always available, but art is!

And with both in your life, it’s like hitting a grand slam.


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