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Do you love orange? Here's why. Color Psychology - Part 5 in decorate with color series

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Orange = warmth + energy

The psychological effects of the color orange combines those of red and yellow. It inspires creativity, fun and lures you into a desire to dig down deep into your heart and soul and come alive, inspiring you.

This emotionally stimulating color attracts attention and can also stimulate your appetite, similar to the color red. Orange evokes excitement and enthusiasm, and is an energetic color.

Color Psychology

Is your personality as bold as orange?

If yes:

Decorate with orange and enjoy it's power:

Try orange in a high-energy room .. like your work-out space!

It will bring out all the emotions that you need released during your fitness routine.

Are you not quite so bold?

Color psychology:

Two tips decorate with PURE POWERFUL Orange

1. In moderate energy rooms, like living room or kitchen, tone down the full power of orange by adding another color into your decorating mix.

Orange is a great color to mix with other colors or neutrals to enjoy its expressive nature.

In the birch tree painting below, SHADES OF BLUE AND ORANGE TOGETHER DECREASE the rumbustious nature of pure orange.

Orange and blue repeated in a cozy kitchen that makes you want to step right in and ... cook!

2. Make pure, saturated orange easier to live with by using it IN SMALL DOSES as accents in your decor.

Neutral counter and walls, with accents of blue balance the power of orange.

Color Psychology of Orange

To Ease the Impact: Add Tint (white)

If you don’t want the strong punch of this happy color take it down a notch by adding white. The tint will give you a soft apricot tone.

This gentleness will be create a more relaxing feel.

Peach tones = a softer, easy-to-live-with color.

Color Psychology of Orange

Add Shade (dark) when you decorate with Orange = ease

Mixing orange with brown or gray will turn the color into an earthy shade that is deep and divine. This terracotta color mixes well with the yellow-based reds, chocolate browns, and olive greens, too.

Small abstract contemporary original oil by Kate Moynihan

If your personality leans towards the peacefulness of a sunlit day with leaves drenched in pumpkin and copper tones. This is the right combination for you.

In the abstract below, Dark Orange is balanced with blues and neutrals making the art lively, yet balanced for a room with moderate energy.

Color Psychology of Orange

Your personality determines how to decorate with orange and its psychological impact.

Are you full-power Orange or half-power like apricot or terra cotta?


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