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Top 10 Tulip Time Tidbits From Impressive Holland, Michigan

Updated: May 23, 2022

Fun and fascinating tulip festival facts you won't want to miss

#10 - Four-and-a-half million tulips in 3,000 varieties will bloom making it difficult to pick a favorite.

#9 - The Thursday Kinder Kids parade... the incredible, huggable pooches will out number the kids... but the kids are still happy, too.

#8 - For Dutch dancing, in full authentic costumes, including wearing heavy and cumbersome wooden shoes, it takes more than five pairs of wool socks to find comfort.

#7 - The Dutch dancers "klomp" to the accordion folk music for 12 minuets, 43 seconds.

#6 - In one Dutch dance, the gals burn 400 calories.

#5 - Since they've been practicing the Dutch dance since February... they can eat all the pigs-in-a-blanket they want.

#4 - "Tip Toe Through the Tulips" is the theme song for the Holland High School marching band.

#3 - If you miss the Tulip medley, you'll get another chance... the tune is played sometimes more than 30 times during the two-mile parade route.

#2 - There's more than six miles of tulips throughout the boulevards along Downtown Holland's Historic District to cruise.

Holland Michigan Tulip Time festival winning poster 2022 by kate Moynihan
Kate's 2022 Tulip Time winning poster

#1 - The 2022 Tulip Time Festival Poster winner is me!

Grab you giclee prints, notecards, mugs, coasters and more by clicking here.

It's my second time to have the honor of being the selected artist to represent the largest U.S. tulip festival. I feel blessed.

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