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Birch All-Season Note Cards-Free shipping

Birch All-Season Note Cards-Free shipping


In autumn, I love the reds of maples in autumn

But my heart really lifts for the sassafras tree

Ah … the smell of root beer.

Instantly I’m a kid again, sucking on a straw and slurping down the icy soda!

On my walk, I can’t help but brush my foot across a cluster of saplings and take in a big whiff.

I can’t think of a better treat to uplift my day!


Give a gift: send someone a note ... of art!

Send a kind words or just hello.

Letting them know you're thinking of them can be better than licking the frosting off a birthday cake!


7 greeting cards at $35.

FREE standard shipping to lower 48 US states

5 x 8" with envelopes.

Blank inside. Perfect to write a few words or a longer note.

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