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Original painting sailboat on Lake Michigan with sand dune

Original Painting Lake Michigan 'Speechless' 30h x 40w"


Original painting Lake Michian sand dunes so big they are King Kong size - just like my memories of a sledding hill in Redford Township, Michigan (near Detroit).

For the best ride, we’d line up at the top of the hill to be in the direct path of a jump making the ride more thrilling.

Years later, I went back to my stomping grounds expecting to see a mountain. The hill was just a small mound. As for the jump, I had to squint to find it.

But not Lake Michigan.

Unlike my sledding hill the lake never disappoints.

Every time I arrive at Tunnel Park, in Holland, Michigan, the lake is hidden from view. I meander along the sandy path, turn the corner, and … There. It. Is. The vast lake glistening. The horizon line is so far in the distance it could be in outer space.


Original oil painting Lake Michigan sand dune and water – 30h x 40”w, Art is ready to hang. Available at Lake Effect Gallery.


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