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Take Charge of Your Walls

Take Charge of Your Walls

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Learn to Sort, Buy, and Hang Your Art & Collections,

Creating a Cohesive Home Décor Style All Of Your Own


Divided into 5 chapters for easy reference.

54 pages


In this e-book, I’ll break down your most common concerns about how to create harmony and a personal style on your walls and around your home. As an oil/watercolor artist and gallery owner for 25-plus years, I’m confident you’ll be making beautiful art decisions in the snap of a finger!


  • Tips from a professional on how to confidently buy new art and more effectively incorporate what you have on hand

  • Determine what kind of art needs to be framed

  • Uncover tricks/techniques for artful layout and placement

  • Learn to sort & create memorabilia and collections using color, texture, and themes

  • Discover and develop your home décor style with one simple rule

  • Reduce your home décor decision-making time; become comfortable with taking action now!

  • File Format

    eBook as PDF

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