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birch painting

Kate Moynihan: Artist, Speaker, Author

Bringing color and nature into your life
Bringing color and nature into your life

Add art to your home in colors you crave, making a smile cross your face
... every time you walk into the room

Your home ...
will become a cozy, feet-up, kind of place when you let your favorite colors wrap around you and bring you joy.
Your work area...
will transform to a bring-on-the-inspiration space when you add energetic colors to invigorate or soft colors to soothe.

What people are saying ...

Hi, I'm Kate.
Nature themes are my artistic inspiration for:

My style is impressionistic drifting to abstract, always with a lot of rich color and texture!

Here's more on what I do and why, as well as a bit of background and experiences.

Hi, I'm Kate.

Browse my Original Artwork and Prints, or contact me to discuss Custom Painting for your home or office.


Speak to all age groups about embracing change, achieving goals, and using color to gain confidence and inspiration.


Insights gained are often worth sharing. I've written my memoir, books on creative inspiration, and children's books. I share a public Blog with fill with artsy design tips, inspirations, and humor to apply to your everyday life.

Monthly-ish I send email updates jammed packed with colorful new art, and intriguing upcoming events to uplift your day. Sign up here

Contact me to discuss what you're looking for. I'm just a tap away!

I am proud to have been featured in ...

Art Business News
Better Homes & Gardens
Michigan Home Lifestyle
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