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Meet Kate Moynihan: Artist, Speaker, Author

Bringing color and nature into your life
Bringing color and nature into your life

Displaying artwork in colors that you crave will pull your room together, add vitality to your home, and evoke positive emotions that put a smile on your face.

From kaleidoscopic birch tree landscapes to sand-between-your-toes shorelines, I can create the energy you enjoy with color in your home or office.

  • Make your home: a cozy, feet-up, kind of place, where colorful paintings connect with you and brings joy to your surroundings!

  • Make your work area: a bring-on-the-inspiration space, where colorful art adds energy and relieves stress!

Hi, I'm Kate.
Nature themes are my artistic inspiration for:
Hi, I'm Kate.
As an artist, my style is impressionistic to abstract, and always with a lot of rich color and texture!

I can create a custom painting just for you,

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I'm also an author and a speaker, providing insights into embracing change, reaching your goals, and using color to gain confidence and inspiration. My audiences range from high school art students to corporate employees and personal growth groups.


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