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Turn Your House into a Home: 10 Benefits of Art that Make You Feel Good

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Why Art Gives You Goosebumps

The Countdown:

#10 - Art takes you places

We all have 'that spot,' a location that takes you away ... the beach, a cottage, a reading nook, the bath tub ...

But what can you do when you can't physically escape?

And, yet, as you feel the mounting pressures of the day pile up, what can you do?

Try art.

Art lets you get lost in places you can sometimes only dream about.

#9 - Art creates mood with color

The color red reminds me of the heat of summer. You can almost feel the ice cream cone dripping on your hand. Don't be afraid to lick it because it's delicious!

Let art melt away your troubles.

#8 - Art makes you feel something

Art is like getting a full breath of nature in one gulp!

#7 - Art lasts longer than most things

 Spring is a bundle of buds you want to gather, but act fast, they don't last long.

Art captures a moment, and last longer than a season.

#6 - Art says things that words can't

"Together" Pair of red and pink hearts collage mixed media by Kate Moynihan artist
No words needed with this universal symbol. (Note card by Kate)

Hand-holding silhouettes against a sunset, or sailboat cresting the waves, creating a mist that tickles your skin, both are symbols that evoke emotions.

Art is a universal language.

#5 - Art makes memories

Art spurs powerful memories, to hold, to share.

#4 - Art makes you smile

Birch banter cartoon note card series by Kate Moynihan artist, let the breeze tickle your senses.
When life gets too complicated, let your belly get the giggles. Allow your laughter to bubble up and burst out! (Birch banter cartoon note card series by Kate)

Four to six-year-old kids laugh 300 times a day. Take a lesson from them and laugh at every part of your life.

Art can jump start the benefits of laughter.

#3 - Art fosters creativity

"When life's strong winds come blowing,

Bend with them and let go.

By bending you will become stronger in new places,

By letting go, you will be making room for the new and better." Karen Salmasohn

Art is intelligence having fun.

#2 - Art supports your taste, your style, personality

Picture yourself stepping into this landscape,hearing the crunch of snow as your footfalls grace the fresh covered path. Feel your head turning towards the quiet whisper of a bird's fluttering wings.

Art let's you know that you're in a part of heaven.

#1 - Art is fun!

So why did I pick "Spinning in Circles" to represent fun?

Especially since many of you know my painting beacon is the birch tree.

Yet, I picked "Spinning in Circles" because I had to push myself to focus on color only.

As I painted, the energy from the movement made me feel like I was a kid again, back on a merry-go-round. I pictured the carousel circling round and round, feeling the gentle breeze on my face, hearing the pings from the pipe organ as the carnival-colored pony I sat on moved up and down.

Art can take you to fun places!

There's my top 10 reasons to enjoy art in your home.

What are yours?

Art doesn't have to be big to enjoy.


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