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10 things to boost your self-confidence. Simply release your inner child.

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

The SIMPLEST things in life can generate COMPLEX results such as:

  • Gain confidence,

  • expand your energy,

  • boost your motivation,

  • become refreshed

  • enjoy color!


Just look for the positive side of life! Release that inner child.

Here's ten easy playful ways:

1. Blow a few bubbles.

2. Eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich because you like it.

3. Rub your fingers through a pine tree and inhale.

4. Skip, you're never too old, try it.

5. Fly a kite.

6. Laugh, deep from the gut.

7. Sing along with the birds in the trees.

8. Twirl.

9. Take a deep breath!

10. Enjoy color ... it's all around you ... look up, the sky changes colors every minute, even shades of gray can shift in contrast, and when the sun pokes out, ah, the ease of blue!

Below, soft shades of color put me floating on that sailboat, letting my thoughts drift.

Come along with me ... it's a peaceful refreshing ride.

These are 10 things that boost my self-confidence

What are yours?


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