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3 Benefits to adding art to your home

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Art can change your mood, your mindset, and keep memories alive

Grab an instant dose of self-care by simply living with art on your walls.

Art is the finishing touch that pulls a room together, turning your home into a feet-up, cozy-kind-of place.

Or, better yet, art can be the beginning that anchors every next decision you make for the items that will go into your room.

3 reasons why it’s worth adding art to your home

1. Mood

Color is powerful.

I’ve been a professional artist for 30 years and I’ve personally seen how color affects your mood.

Recently, I pushed my impressionistic oil painting skills into a new format.

For a year I’ve been contemplating, planning, and practicing different mediums – all in preparation for a solo art show at the Holland Area Arts Council titled:

Working on this series of transitioning from realism to abstract, I entered a contemporary piece into the annual Tulip Time Festival Poster Contest. I was delighted to be juried into the Top 20, but even more ecstatic to be picked the winner!

This is a big honor in my community, Holland, Michigan, host of the largest tulip festival in the United States, planting 4.5 million tulips.

Color sets the mood in these two paintings.

The traditional painting, in soft and subtle colors, is soothing and relaxing.

The modern painting, bold and bright, is jammed-paced with energy from the color.

Art can transfix the mood of a room … and you.

2. Mindset

We’ve all had them. A day we want to forget:

- Waking up with a toothache.

- Your new cell phone drowning in a puddle of water. - A flat tire on the way to work causing you to miss the appointment you prepped for weeks hoping to land a big revenue-generating account.

Then you arrive home. Open the door … ah.

There it is. Art.

You take a moment to gaze at the painting.

Letting it center you, feeling your shoulders relax, noticing that your breathing is easier, slower.

Your mindset shifts.

You realize problems are just challenges in disguise.

Art - it’s the anchor that settles your soul. Let’s you leave your worries at the door.

3. Memories

It was a vacation tradition.

Every year my brother and I piled into the backseat of our non air-conditioned Chevy Bel Air with the windows cranked down to fight off the sweltering August Detroit heat as my family journeyed to Traverse City, Michigan to dip in Elk Lake for two weeks.

We did this for fifteen years.

Oversize large original oil birch and pine along water landscape by kate moynihan artist
'Evening Silhouettes' original oil painting 48 x 72" $4500

To this day, those fond memories of a shoreline packed with birch and fir trees, reflecting on a smooth-as-glass lake, inspire my paintings. Instantly I can smell the piney scent and even get goose bumps from thoughts of splashing into the icy-cold water of the deep, deep lake.

The art on your walls can trigger a fond memory, keep it alive, and add energy or comfort to your day.

So go ahead, invest in your home. Invest in art.

Change your mood, mindset, and memoires.


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