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3 Easy Tips to Improve and Strengthen the Focal Point in Any Room

A center of interest in any living space is key to having a room feel centered and balanced.

A focal point should be something interesting to look at, something colorful, or texturally and visually appealing.

Often times there can be competing elements for you to create a focal point, such as architecture in the room, windows, or larger furniture pieces. This can make it challenging to bring harmony to your room, but not unsolvable.

The key here it to create ONE focal point.

3 Easy tips to enhance the show-stopper focal point so it's the one showstopper in the room

1. Bold Color

If you need to enlarge or add more punch to your focal point consider color.


Emphasis your piece by using light against dark color values to enhance this center point.

You can do this by painting the wall behind the focal point in a contrasting, accent color, of a light or dark value, while the featured item, such as art, furniture, or a fixture such as a fireplace, is the opposite value.

For more tips on decorating with color value, click: How light and dark color contrasts impact your home decor


Choosing a complimentary color (colors across from each other on the color wheel) for the accent wall will add more energy to your focal point.

Common complimentary color combinations:

  • Reds and greens

  • Blues and oranges

  • Yellows and violets

Power of complimentary colors in a room setting using art focal point and pillow accessories
The impact of complimentary colors can go beyond an accent wall. Their power can be found in the colors of red and green shown here in the pillow accessories and Kate's birch paintings (available here).

For more ideas about using complimentary colors, click: Quick and Easy Tips using Complimentary Colors

2. Texture

Texture stimulates your sense of touch, intensifying your desire to turn your head toward your focal point.


You can use texture to add interest on the wall behind your focal point, such as floor-to-ceiling wainscoting or wallpaper that stops you in your tracks.

texture adds interest to this focal point collection using Kate Moynihan birch for balance
Reclaimed wood adds texture to give this collection more power as a focal point. To balance the wall add Kate's birch (available here).


Mixing textures is another way to add impact to your focal point.

For more tips on using texture click here: Stimulate Your Senses with Texture in Your Home Decor

3. Lighting

Use lighting to enhance your focal point.

A picture light, track light, or wall washer fixture on a painting or wall display will really make your focal point ‘sing!’ Simply shine it in the direction you want your eye to focus.

Don't forget about accent lighting, too.

In summary, try these easy tips to enhance ONE focal point in your room, then watch how your room instantly feels balanced and welcoming, creating the the feet-up, cozy-kind-of-home you want.

Want more tips?

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