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4 Reasons a Warm Cozy Color Scheme Gives a Welcoming Feel to Your Home Decor

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

If you could wrap yourself up in a season, would it be autumn? Do you pick colors of cappuccino, pumpkin, and olive for their cozy warm feel?

The common dominator in this color palette is the overall presence of yellow in the color mix.

  • Green is sage, olive, or artichoke, not the blue of aqua or turquoise.

  • As for red, skip the bluish strawberry tone, and reach for orange-red of a tomato. When you tone-down energetic red and orange to the softer shades of apricot, saffron, and brick, these down-to-earth colors will attract a quieter personality, someone who craves comfort and warmth. Perhaps that's you!

  • Yellow in this warm palette is golden, like caramel apples. Think of all the colors in candle light, from the center soft glow to the flickering shadows. Or a sunset of liquid gold that closes the end of the day. The autumn palette suits the romantic at heart.

4 Reasons Warm Colors Give You a Welcoming Feel

  1. Warm colors often remind you of sunlight, sand, fire, and heat. Since warm colors often add “personality” to a space, they are perfect for adding interest as they balance well with neutral colors.

  2. These warms hues can take a north facing naturally cool room or a windowless lower level basement, and warm it right up.

  3. Warm colors often work well with a more traditional decorating style of antiques and warm wood tones. If these are your style, try using muted, warm tones as your dominant colors.

  4. The rusty reds, muted orange, and golden maize mixes easily with cool colors of blues and greens to achieve balance. This is a steadfast rule when applying opposites on the color wheel. Click link here for 2 Lessons from the Color Wheel.

NOTE: I think it’s important to mention that pure colors of red, and stunning orange are not part of this warm color collection. Using those full power, bold and bright colors are most suited if you have a powerhouse personality.

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