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4 Tips to Pick the Perfect Paint Color for Your Room to Get You the Results and 'Feel' You want.

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Who doesn’t love instant gratification?

Immediate visual results are what I love about painting a room. After a couple hours of rolling paint, you create a dramatic change!

Since I’m a dive-right-in kind-of-gal I have to s-l-o-w down when it comes to choosing paint colors.

The vast assortment of colors is contagious. All at once, I fall in love, and suddenly I want every color.

Tip #1- Control the impulse to choose paint color first.

Sherman Williams wall paint sample wall at Lowe's with Kate Moynihan artist
With so many choices it's easy to get excited!

Often times when you decide to paint a room, your first instinct is to jump right to picking out paint colors. Unfortunately, it’s the last thing you should do. By getting ahead of yourself, and not taking the time to think about what the room will look like as a whole once the repaint is done means your furniture and belongings are more likely to clash with your walls.

Tip #2 – Start with an inspiration - Collect painted room ideas

What better place to begin than yourself. Your closest reveals colors you’re comfortable wearing and that flatter you. If you feel good wearing them, you'll feel good having them in your home. Just as your clothes bring you confidence, your room do the same. Let these colors embrace you lifting your mood and well-being.

Choose colors that are prominant in your closet. The positive energy you get from the favorite colors in your wardrobe will provide the same positive energy in your home.

Next, gather inspiration from all those high-gloss stunning photographs of room settings. Nowadays the internet is full of them. Click and make a Pinterest inspiration board. Visit you paint and wallpaper store and pick up the latest pamphlets in trend colors. Snap pictures on your phone from the gorgeous room settings in the wallpaper books.

Inspiration room setting by Valspar paint - Lowes
Inspiration room setting by Valspar paint - Lowes

Tip #3 - Plan the details in the room you'll paint

You can take your color cues from fabrics. I find it easiest to pick a color from the largest item in the room. It can be a color from a patterned area rug, couch, a prominent side chair, or your art! This is a great jumping off point for selecting a color for your room. From there, continue to plan the other items you already own that will be in your space.

Tip #4 - To find perfect paint color, buy the BIG with testers

A paint swatch is usually no bigger than two inches square. Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to determine paint color using only a handful of tiny paint swatches.

Valspar paint company offers interior wall paint in grab and go testers
Valspar grab and go favorites with the option to request any sample

Save yourself a headache by simply expanding your sample size. You can buy an 8-ounce sample size of real paint in any color, usually for less than $5. Take these samples home and paint an area larger than 1 square foot directly on your surface.

If you’d rather not sample paint directly on your walls, paint a few posters. This is especially helpful if you want to compare different rooms in the same color, test out different areas of the room based on light, or evaluate the poster board sample with different furniture and decor.

I encourage you to move your large sample board around!

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