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A Dad - Daughter Story about Color that'll Comfort You

Updated: Feb 1

Old family photograph of Kate Monihan's dad, Alan Schroeder. An artist's father was inspiration.

Most stories have a clear beginning, middle and an end. This story is a more of a circle … about my dad.

Big as life he was known for his monumental mustache. It curled splendidly, running clear across his face from the middle of one cheek to the middle of the other with corkscrew twists at each end.

Sporting such a grand mustache may explain his favorite bloom: sunflowers, just a big and bold.

The color yellow sunflowers inspired me, too.

The brilliant sunny flowers with big brown centers and the contrast of the bright green stalks amid gigantic leaves had my paints humming.

But there's more than color to this Dad inspired art story ...

In addition to the stunning colors, Dad cherished the oversize sunflower seeds that brought the birds eating, gathering and spreading them to create flowers for the next season: The circle of life.

My story of my dad are like my memories, there is no beginning, middle or end … just a circle of thoughts.  

Color and Dad inspired creativity.


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