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5 Ideas to Invite Spring Into Your Home

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

I love the clean lines of winter, but the snow is melting in Michigan, and most of the landscape is brown. Shades of taupe can be a pleasant neutral color scheme, but I'm craving a bit of color. Yet green grass and budding yellow forsythia are still away.

Subtle changes keep you flexible and more adaptive for what’s ahead. Even a simple twist can refuel your spirit.

The benefits of easy changes are explored in this blog post:

5 small impactful tricks for seasonal change in your home

1. Spruce up your fruit bowl

Take your ordinary fruit bowl, and consider something fresh … and maybe not so fruity. What’s

more fresh and GREEN than asparagus?

2. Napkins

Switch out the white. Grab a pack of brightly patterned spring napkins and feel as alive as Mother Nature.

But wait! Is your personality a bit quieter, or your party more intimate?

Add a solid color to tone down the setting, but still add color.

Remember, color reflects your personality.

Color can be like music, it can soothing like a classical piano sonata (the solid color napkin) or something lively like a brass jazz trio the napkin with this lively design?

3. Change your Kleenex box

amazon winoo design store car cup holder tissues
New colors, patterns, and shape will jazz up your Spring

Something so simple as switching one tissue box can impact a small space like a bathroom. I love how home designers are bringing trends to tissue and other paper products. You'll find some fun designs out there!

4. Pillows and throws

'Spring Medley Flowers' Throw Pillow - Society 6 Here’s a place to make a bigger statement, yet still smaller change than diving into a full home remodel. If changing color isn’t in your comfort zone, try mixing up textures. For spring, smooth linens and woven cottons can replace the heavier wools and tweedy fabrics of winter. Store that heavy angora afghan and replace it with a cotton waffle weave.

5. Art

It doesn’t have to be your statement art piece you change to uplift your spirits. Even small scale art will give you a boost. Collect small pieces of art here and there. It’s a perfect chance to try a new style, sample new colors.

Whimsical watercolors add energy to your spring decor. Click for Kate's Custom Art

Add spring to your table-scape, too. Make your colors come alive, let me paint them for you.

Want instant spring? Pick one of these small originals

Say hello to adding spring color to your home.

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