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How to Mix Your Home Decor Style for a Cohesive Look that Suits You and Your Personality!

Updated: Feb 6, 2022


Does that describe how you feel about your home furnishings?

I’m certain that wasn’t your end goal, so how did it happen?


  • Beloved Aunt Ruth left you a hand-painted black amour she personally stenciled.

  • Your husband’s childhood walnut toy chest is now part of your home.

  • An elegant crystal decanter is a gift from your mother-in-law’s trip to Murano.

4 easy tips to make your home cohesive

1. 80/20 Rule for balancing your home decor style

You’ll love this rule because it’s easy to implement.

And it works.

Start with the room where you spend most of your time (even though this rule works for your entire home).

Simply break your design style into an 80/20 proportion.

Here’s how:

Divide furniture and decorative items so you have 80% of one prominent style, and then place all other styles in the 20%.

In the photo below:

80% of the room is a traditional design style:

  • Tufted patterned coffee table

  • Tufted velvet side chairs

  • Velvet high back couch

  • Floral accent pillows and floral arrangements

  • Traditional birch landscape and traditional floral art on left side.

20% is a mix of design styles of Modern and Organic.

BLUE SQUARES: Modern: silver lamp, Modern circular sculpture on hearth, Modern end table between chairs

RED SQUARES: Organic, earthy granite fireplace, Organic original oil commission birch by Kate*

Your goal is to NOT have single items of this or that.

Oddball pieces need at least one mate, ideally three.

This will give you a balanced feel to your room.

But what if you’re uncertain what type of design style is your décor?

I'm certain it’ll instantly boost your decision making confidence.

Next dilemma, what if your home décor doesn’t break in the 80/20 proportion?

Simple, make it a next goal.

Don't get discouraged trying to balance your design styles ONLY.

There are 3 other ways to add cohesiveness to your home, beyond the 80/20 Rule.

You can tie unlike items together by finding something that they do have in common and grouping them together!

#2 - A Consistent Color Scheme for a Cohesive Home

The closer alike the colors in your room are the further apart your style can stray from the 80/20 rule.

So if you presently own too many items in too many styles, start grouping your décor by color.

Using a few central colors will help a space feel connected even when the styles aren’t.

For example, if you have a lot of blue, add more!

Put a blue slipcover over an oddball chair, or lay down a blue area rug. Paint a wall blue.

The photo above is a mix of design styles without one being prominent.

Look at the largest items:

  • The bed frame and linens are is sleek and modern (along with chandelier, end table lamps)

  • The love seat is casual in the cotton cinch fabric and airy print, along with the natural bamboo blinds.

  • The area rug is traditional as well as the brown burl wood dresser.

Color can balance your style dilemma.

Remember: Too many colors and too many decor styles are like too many cooks in the kitchen.

#3 - Balance for a Cohesive Home

First, your space needs to have equally distributed visual weight. By this I mean the larger items need to be placed proportionately around the room. This can refer to furniture or architectural items in the room, along with wall pieces, like in the photo below.

Secondly, you need to have your 80% and 20% styles balanced throughout your space.

Consider the Rule of Three

There is an idea within the basics of interior design that groupings of three are harmonious.

Using the rule of three is a perfect tool for harmonizing your 80% design style with the other mish-mash of 20%.

Just spread the 20% throughout the entire room.

Photo below:

  • RED CIRCLES: Balance of 3 = rustic and vintage wicker caddy, frame around art, coffee table. BLUE CIRCLES: Modern desk lamp, floor lamp, end table lamp, which compiles 20%.

  • 80% Contemporary furniture: couch, end tables, red chair, TV console, desk, area rug. Contemporary accessories: Modern pitchers, black shelf, red lamp, orange circle wall platter.

#4 Create a Cohesive Mood for a Cohesive Room

Nothing will throw a room into confusion more than mixing the mood.

If the room is casual keep the elements in it casual.

If your room is beachy and breezy use ocean hues, airy and natural fabrics. No moose heads or Queen Anne traditional wing back chair.

Most of us have homes that exude more than one, if not many, decor styles.

And guess what?

That makes our rooms and homes so much more interesting and personalized!

Just follow:

4 simple guidelines to make your home decor style cohesive

Not so confident in your design style? Click here:


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