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One Thing that Keeps Me Successful. It takes only 5 minutes!

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

You don't have to go anywhere.

You don't have to buy anything.

Just do this one thing, and the magic happens to keep you successful.

It's called a 5-minute mini vacation.

What's that, you ask? I'll gladly illustrate. I tried a new hair gel today, but it was like mustache wax, making me look like I’d been stuck in a wind tunnel!

Yikes! Nothing like coming out of the shower, ready for the day, just to then turn around and start from the beginning.

Back in the shower, I let the hot water and suds melt away the set-back, allowing my frustration to slide down the drain—a 5-minute mini vacation.

Everytime I try something new that doesn't work out, instead of letting the frustration get the better of me, I take a 5-minute mini vacation.

Even in my art - even after painting for 30 years!

Like with the hair gel, I can hit unexpected results in my painting. When that happens, the best thing I can do is breathe, take a mini-vacation, and begin again.

Starting over, I scraped off the oil paint.

As the paint blurred into toss-away blobs, I felt a twinge in my gut, and my shoulders tightened.

I took a 5-minute mini vacation: I stepped outside, let the cold crisp air nip my nose, and took a deep breath. My energy rekindled.

  • Sometimes, a shower or stepping outside may not be the answers you need. Here are some mini vacations that have helped me in the past for you to try: Turning on some music

  • Singing out loud

  • Tap dancing the side shuffle

  • Walking briskly, better yet hiking up the stairs

Sometimes I need soothing, 5-minute vacations, like this:

  • Shoulder rolls - full circles forward, full circles back, eyes closed

  • Stretching - arms high and swinging overhead, twisting at the waist

  • Doodling

  • Scribbling, then smiling at the crazy shapes

  • Giggling, starting with a chuckle, and then bursting out a full belly laugh

  • Stepping away, making a cup of tea, and gazing at art I love, with my feet prompt up, I escape.

Whether you pick a 5-minute vacation I suggested or find one of your own you like to escape to - use that time to step back, breathe deep, and shake off the negative.

Share a sweet 5-minute vacation with a loved one who needs it and send them a Winter note card. Because Receiving a snail-mail surprise is better than extra sprinkles on your sugar cookie.

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Go ahead, take a 5-minute vacation.

And enjoy the New Year ahead!


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