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Symmetry verses Asymmetry - tips to make easy home decor decisions

Learn one rule... then break it … or not.

As a kid, do you ever color outside the lines?

Certainly some of you did. Certainly some of your didn't. Certainly some of you might still be coloring outside the lines, or not. And that's okay.

Making your house a home is about creating a place you want to put your feet up and be comfortable. Symmetry verses asymmetry can do that.


The same proportion of things.


Not the same proportion of things.

Which fence post appeals to you?

The rhythmic one on the left or the one with one fence post askew on the right?

Which tulip do you prefer?

The one on left with a straight stem and even-steven top? Or the tulip on the right with a curved stem and uneven top?

Guess what.

There is no right or wrong answer.

The trick is to notice symmetry verses asymmetry

... and then pick your personal preference.

It’s like music we each have our own personal favorite.

You might like the twang of country western, whereas I like jazz.

You’re not right and I’m not wrong. We just have different personal preferences.

The amount of symmetry verses asymmetry may differ from room to room.

In a family room: image on the left, click for grouping related blog post

You may want a grouping with more energy.

Notice how the striped background adds symmetry to the asymmetrical placement of the decor.

In a bedroom: image on left, click for birch paintings

You may want symmetry to calm the energy of the room.


The various textures and sizes add asymmetry to this mantle, yet the consistent birch theme of the notecards adds symmetry. Click here for frameable notecard options


Increase energy by adding an asymmetrical color to a grouping with similar color.

More tips to make your home fit your personality:


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