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Maximalist verses Minimalist - Easy 3-step de-clutter process to achieve your preference

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Your personality is the key factor to creating the right feel in your home.

Minimalist interior design involves using the bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space. It's characterized by simplicity, clean lines, and a monochromatic palette with color used as an accent.

Maximalist is the art of more-is-more; layered patterning, highly saturated colors, ample accessories and art is likely hung in groupings and collections. There can be a sense of playfulness and bold gestures.

Does a minimal or maximum style fit your personality?

Are you bold, colorful and outgoing?

Or more quiet, simple, and neutral?

Or somewhere in between?

Whichever style you choose it's helpful to organize your home so it wraps you the comfort and energy your cherish.

Here' a simple system:

Easy 3-step-process for decorating and organizing your home to suit your personality.

1st - Clear the space

Marie Kondor, a phenomena on organization and best selling author of the book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

A key message in Marie’s book is to thoroughly clean, and then keep items which only spark joy within you.

She recommends removing everything. Emptying the space completely.

Then sort, keeping only items you love.

My mantra while I work: Keep? - Donate? - Toss?

2nd - Pick the object you want to feature or is most important to you.

You can select this “focal point” for a number of reasons:

· size

· quality

· expense

· sentimental value

3rd - Pick items that work with your focal point.

These items can harmonize by color or a theme.

A theme is like telling a story. Like in the photo above, adding the collected seashells from your beach walk next to the lake-scape painting. A minimalist would add one seashell, whereas a maximalist would pepper the entire shelf with seashells.

Or, perhaps, you’re trying to capture the feeling of nostalgia and grace. In that case you’d “feature” your old photographs with a lace tablecloth to create the theme.

Color can a pull a room together when a theme doesn't anchor the focal point / or room.

Various shades of green harmonize the focal point inside this cabinet

6 tips to coordinate your 'must-have' joyful items whether you have a maximalist or minimalist personality.

1- Gather items together on a tray

This will 'frame' the items giving you a cleaner, less clutter look and stop the sprawl.

2- Elevate

Elevating will give it an airier feel

3 - Stack it

Books make great props to elevate.

4 - Overlap it

Nestle items together to condense space and 'frame' the area. Items will appear as one grouping from a distance.

5 - Use symmetry

Line up like items in a row, like the series of beach paintings below,

or display a collection in row to decrease clutter, yet have an intriguing display.

6 - Add display space

Invert a desk drawer to add interest and different height.

Remember, your home is your haven.

Include all the things that you covet and bring you joy!

Match your personality and LIVE your space your way!


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