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10 Artsy 3D Decorating Accessories to Add Nature Into Your Home.

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Bringing the out-of-doors inside has been proven to increase productivity and creativity

Coming home should be like a breath of fresh air - one that instantly replenishes your soul and gives you that taken-care-of feeling. After all, it’s where you put your feet up. It's where you can be your best self. It’s your haven!

In this Part 2 of the Michigan Home and Lifestyle Article on decorating with nature, I've listed my ten favorite home decor accessories that support Part 1: Four Reasons to Decorate with Birch Trees, click here.

1. Steve Day, click here, Multi-Leaf Ceramic Platter

Utilizing hand-selected leaves from his Pennsylvania woodlands, Steve fuses and fires them into his one-of-a-kind creations. Filled with the intricate details of nature, these bowls are the perfect accessory to adding texture into your home.

2. Black Birch End Table

Perfectly paired here is the mix of smooth, sleek, contemporary design and the contrast of the rough-hewn birch-bark drawer. The neutral color palette of this table is a perfect backdrop to accent with or without other colors. Union Wood Company made in USA, click here.

3.Fortune Giant Floor Lamp

Gotta love renewable, especially when it’s this outstanding selection that clearly comes from nature. Colorfully dyed cocoa leaves create just the right amount of soft, indirect lighting for any room.

4. Birch-Wrap Ceramic Utility Holder

Handcrafted in Villa Grove, Colorado, multicolor smooth glazes complement the natural rough stoneware birch pattern wrapped around the circumference of this vase. Dynamic from any angle, for any use. Even stunning empty. Always Azul Pottery, click here.

5. Pea Pod Area Rug

The graphic charm and vertical pattern of this floor rug leads your eye directly to your focal point. One of the powers of design you can use to your benefit. Company C, click here.

6. Hand-Carved Ceramic Jar with Decorative Lid

Each one-of-a-kind piece tells a story. Although a tree lover would fall in love, look closely and notice the playful striped kittens frolicking about. Stories and memories make your house a home.

7. Twig Drawer Pull

It’s all in the details. Although these handles won’t be the first thing you notice in your room, they can really help make your room. Grab onto this subtle yet exquisite piece of hardware to polish off your room. Wild West Hardware

Nebula Tabletop Glass Vase

The ultimate beauty of living with glass is the minute-by-minute color changes when sunlight streams across it at different angles. Add height to a room with a collection of tall accessories like these.

9. Granite Candlesticks

Organic nature in its purest form. Each piece is valued in a décor because of its distinctive and textures. These imperfections add interest while the strong vertical element will create an uplifting feeling to your room.

10. Vibrant Tree Throw Pillow

This satin embroidered tree against a linen pillow cover brings nature into your home with an elegant harmony of textures, while the red color adds energy. Create interest year-round or add the pillow for seasonal change during autumn into holiday.

In summary, the beauty of nature has a special appeal that relaxes and refreshes like few other things can.

Besides being beautiful and interesting, incorporating natural environments into your home can improve your happiness and well-being, according to USA Today.

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