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10 ways small art will bring joy into your home decor

Updated: Mar 4

Adding color can create an unexpected, delightful surprise to your daily life.

Your brain loves surprises!

Surprises are wonderful because it pulls you into the moment and forces you to experience the now.

A fun surprise is a reprieve, whether it's from a rough day, or a distraction to chase your worries away.

I'm lucky. One visit with the grandkids and bingo … I’m surprised.

Last visit, I simply pulled back the shower curtain of a routine bath. How could I not giggle at a tub full of foam?

3 reasons why we love surprises - In life, and in home decor


Psychologically, surprise appeals to you. The human brain is wired in such a way that it turns its attention to things that are new, different or changing.


When life becomes predictable your brain gets tired of it.

Even though you like routine, you don’t like boredom. Boredom is the opposite of surprise.


We are designed to be delighted by novelty.

This means that we get a kick out of being surprised!

I discovered unusual twists in home decor can bring joy, too!

10 Innovative ways to place small art in your home

To make your space more interesting, display art in unexpected places.

The SURPRISE of it all will allow your small art to make a BIG statement.

Art also has the power to whisk you away to another place, letting your mind get lost in thought! These islands of respite are like taking a mini vacation without leaving home, just from the glance of your small art.

Small original oil canvas are easy to place in your home for impact that brings joy
Smile from the unexpected. Small original oils of birch landscapes by Kate available, click here

Let art continue to take you places and feel something in your daily life and daily settings.

Your home is your sanctuary.

Delight yourself!

When we're surprised our emotions intensify up to 400 percent!

Small art gives reprieve to hustling, bustling places.

Fuel your inner-self with calm and comfort by taking short gazes of escape.

Art as a relaxation tool for your eye to experience joy in you home. Original birch oil painting by Kate Moynihan artist
You may have your feet propped up watching the big screen in front of you, but small spaces can surprise you. By casting your eyes away from the TV, a simple coffee table can become a great getaway place.

Surprise is connected to the brain’s pleasure center. Surprise releases dopamine in the brain, which is a good thing. Dopamine is a feel-good chemical that’s released when eating, embracing, or engaging in some other pleasurable activity.

Surprise: The Intensifier

Have you noticed art can have the same unconditional love qualities as pets? Click here to learn more

Capture your collections with the surprise of small art.


Powerful and comforting, like surprises.

Below, the art will not only surprise you, but the memories such as this story will brighten your day:

On your way out the door, you grab your dad's old hat. Each time you center it on your head, the hat centers your mind. Next, the snowy scene magnifies your memories of Dad as the winter woods were his haven.

Let yourself reflect in the memoires.

This tender side of you needs nourishment, too.

Group small works of art together for impact in home decor

Multiple paintings in a group make quite an impact, and allow you more creative control over the final presentation. Just by choosing how you arrange a group of small pieces together, you can effectively create new artwork.

As a collector of small art, you may find that buying miniature paintings allows you to eventually create a more expansive and impressive collection than if you’d purchased fewer, larger pieces.

BONUS: In general, the smaller pieces come with a smaller price tag!

Want more ideas for displaying small art.

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