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How Interesting Lines in Art Affect Your Mood

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Line quality is an interesting drawing/painting element that affects how you view art and feel about art. The quality of a line refers to the movement, depth and interest of a line.

Here's how I create interesting lines in art:

Line movement can be achieved with a paintbrush, or a credit card, or, as in the video above, a razor blade.

To begin, I soak the sharp edge of the safety razor in citrus juice or poke the blade through the surface skin of an orange. By doing this, the acidic juice removes the smooth protective surface on the blade. I find after doing this step that the paint adheres better to the blade.

I simply dip the blade into India Ink and 'draw' with the edge.

Using the razor blade does take practice to master this technique.

Here's why I create interesting lines in art:

Once the razor blade tool is perfected, the lines in the art set a mood and create movement for you to enjoy.

Can you feel the power of the vertical thrust of the birch trees?

The thick and thin black lines emphasizing the tree bark give energy and add vitality to the painting. Verticals can be uplifting for your mood and spirit.

Notice below, the vertical lines in the dune fence are shorter, not extending from top to bottom of the painting like in the tall birch trees above.

The overall rolling movement of this shorter fence gives a quiet feeling to the artwork.

Adding the nearby horizon of the setting sun and ripples-less water adds to the painting tranquility.

Can you feel your mood relax a bit more compared to the birch trees above?

Appreciating Lines in Art helps you enjoy the mood of the painting, and understand how art affects you.

In the lively birds below, the line quality of the irregular black outline perks up each of the colorful critters.

Emphasis on their pointed beaks allows the movement to go from high to low to high as your eye travels across the art.

Also strategically placed are the far right, and far left bird, both pointing inward to the center of the painting.

Below, does the curvy movement of this cartoon-drawn birch make you want to grin?

The tree's wiggly black lines are drawn this way to add interest, and humor which support the verse and lift your spirit.

Cartoon drawing of Birch tree by Kate Moynihan
You can feel the laughter as the thick and thin lines give movement to the cartoon birch tree by Kate.

Interesting lines in painting and drawing can affect your mood and how your feel.



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