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Cozy and Comfortable Home Decor with Wavy, Curvy, Circular Lines

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Lyrical lines affect you, your home, your art

Part 2 of a 4-part series

In the elements of interior design, there are 4 types of LINES:

  • Horizontals, Straight and parallel.

  • Wavy, Curved, Circular.

  • Zig-zag Diagonals.

  • Verticals, up and down.

The patterns and prominence of these lines embody your home, affecting your mood, mindset.

To understand wavy lines, begin with a straight, parallel, horizontal line.

Then, enhance the movement of the horizontal line by thinking of music.



For example, hear in your mind the soft sound of a flute fluttering. Then picture the flute as a line … a thin, delicate line. Make it gently move up and down like the airy notes of a flute.

Now, hear a tuba, deep and low. Picture the line of a tuba as thick and bold in its horizontality. By doing this, you have escalated the power of the horizontal line by adding this wavy movement and its contrasting thick and thin attributes.

Wavy, Curvy Lines are like ripples. Think rolling waves or even roller coasters.

Soft edges add a lyrical movement.

Curved lines are playful, organic, and soothing. Like diagonal lines, they bring interest, life, and movement to a space, but they do so with a sense of fluidity and flow.

In the Giclee painting below, even with bright colors, curved or circular lines provide ease, and balance.

Notice in the art how the wavy and visually significant movement of the green tree line. The continuous row of rounded leaf-clusters adds a gentle motion. This rhythmic band of emerald leaves is supported by the ripple-less, horizontal water giving the painting a tranquil feeling.

A Series of Curved and Circular lines: give a rhythmic cadence to the room, suggesting graceful movement, making a room more feminine and lively, balancing out the harder, harsh lines.

Below, the mood of the rose painting is heightened by the contrasting black, curvy lines. The rhythmic intensity of the art escalates because of the power of the line.

For ultimate cozy and comfortable home decor: use complete circular movement.

This architectural stone pathway is the ultimate lyrical movement.

In the painting below, the repetitive circles and bright colors provide maximum movement and energy.

In the painting below, the sharp and dynamic roll of a wave in this abstract beach scene adds energy to the sunset and horizontal water.

Curved or circular lines soften the sharpness of rectangle and square shapes. They can be used to soften vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines that are also present in the room.

The incorporation of circles and curves increases lyrical movement by packing punch and adding pizzazz!

The round pillow, along with the circles on the square pillow soften the rectangle frame in the focal point birch painting by Kate.

Tip for Cozy and Comfortable Home Decor:

Flowing and Wavy lines and curves are perfect for moderate activity in an environmental setting such:

  • Kitchen

  • Dining Room

  • Office corridor

  • Reception area.

For review, in the elements of interior design, there are 4 types of LINES

Horizontals: straight and parallel.

Wavy, curved, curricular.

Diagonals: zig-zag.

Verticals: Up and down

They make home decor happen!

Decide how you want your room to feel, and let THE POWER OF LINES work for you!


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