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Decorate to fit your personality – a simple concept of repetition

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Use repetitiveness to match the mood you want to create.

Repetition creates a restful feel in your home decor

Extensive repetition creates the most serenity.

Below: Notice the harmony from duplicating the clean lines of these 15 x 22" birch wall panels.

Below: The neutral accessories with the repetitive green candlesticks creates a peaceful feel.

Color adds more energy to your repetitiveness collection

Below: Colored vases add impact to the same repetitive green candlesticks

Below: Texture and size of the repetitive blue monochromatic color scheme paintings adds the punch to this collection

A small amount of contrast color adds impact

Below: The red cardinal adds a center of interest to the repetitiveness of the bare branch birch panel and the symmetrical birch painting by Kate

Analogous color scheme increases the liveliness of repetitiveness

(Analogous color scheme is colors that are next to each other on the color wheel)

Below: Blue and green vases create a soothing decor mood while the textures of Kate's birch painting adds vitality.

Extended analogous colors scheme provides additional impact to repetitiveness.

Below: The blue and green vases are paired with vibrant violets adding to the vibrancy

Let your personality guide you on how much repetitiveness fits the mood you want to create in your home decor.


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