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Use One Color to Get Harmony in Your Christmas Decor

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

5 Tips to tame Your Holiday Decorations

How do you temper Christmas décor when it includes a huge tree, twinkling lights, string of stockings, and spiraling garland?

Try creating harmony by focusing on one color.

Go ahead, pick your favorite color. I picked RED!

A monochromatic color scheme for Christmas will bring symmetry and a sense of order to your home.

5 Tips to Tame Christmas Decor

For most of you, your focal point is the Christmas tree.

There it stands, big and bold, boasting a collection of small delicate ornaments. All different colors. All different shapes.

To balance the variety of your ornament collection, add a few dynamic, over-sized, one-color decorations to the tree.

These can be as simple as large artificial poinsettia blooms or bows to enhance. The large red bows give the eye a place to rest as it explores the vast variety of tiny ornaments.

Large red bows bring unity to this Christmas tree that's draped in a myriad of unique ornaments.

Remember a focal point can be any large statement piece. Besides a tree, it can be something more sculptural and unusual that anchors the room.

2. Symmetry

Use symmetry and your Christmas decor will no longer over-power your room, your senses and your spirit, like in the reindeer example below.

Repetition of the three reindeer surrounded by red decreases the visual stimulation of all the Christmas glitz. Try displaying a row of similar items of the same color.

3. Balance

Balance will also decrease the Christmas clutter. Consider working from the middle out, going smaller as you reach the outer edges. Notice how the largest bell begins in the center.

Christmas mantel with monochromatic red as one color home decor accent
The color red balances this Christmas mantel to create harmony.

Balance is achieved by evenly spacing the same size items on each side of the mantel.

4. Clusters

Grouping similar shapes will decrease the feeling of too much Christmas chaos. (Three red birds, three red pine cones)

Christmas decorating with red as one color focus on monochromatic scheme for harmony in home decor
Christmas decorating with red clusters to give harmony in Christmas decor

Tie groups of three ornaments together. The once-too-small ornaments become a statement when gathered together.
The cluster of three red ornaments become the center of interest and is strategically placed next to the large red bow

5. Gather small

Use a large container to contain small items. Try anchoring tiny ornaments with a solid one color tray. You'll discover that it gives strength to the collection.

The small collection of antiques ornaments becomes a notice-me focal point on this red tray

Decorating with a one color (monochromatic) will set the mood of your room.

One color makes your home more restful, soothing and peaceful.

It's a nice way to savor your holiday season!

Enjoy harmony in your Christmas decor with

ONE color decorating.

Want to learn more about one - color? Click here:The benefits of monochromatic.


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