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Learn how to savor calming colors. A culinary comparison to art and home decor - Part 2 of 4

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

90% of our first impressions are derived from … COLOR

COLOR is stimulating.

It’s awe-inspiring, yet it can be calming ... comforting.

And best of all color is everywhere.

Food, for sure!

Just look at this assortment.


Last week, I referred to texture as it related to the buzzing French trend of Charcuterie - the simple dice and slice appetizer of a meat and cheese tray.

However to be successful and get all your senses engaged, a Charcuterie master uses four elements:

Let’s talk color: In food, art and YOUR HOME!

Notice on the Charcuterie tray the pale yellow and golden cheeses pair well against the sienna tones of salami. Add the shades green pickles and this makes the presentation not only pleasing to your palette, but in the art world, it’s known as an analogous color scheme:

Three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.

These subtle shifts in color give a soothing quiet effect, adding harmony and balance.

In art, analogous colors unifies a painting.

What changes the impact or energy of the art is whether you choose a warm or cool color palette.

Warm colors include yellow, orange, and red.

Cool colors encompasses green, blue, violet.

Notice in the paintings below:

The 'warm' yellow has more vibrancy, while the 'cool' blue quiets and tames.

In your home, the analogous theme tends to be restful on your eyes.

The soothing color scheme is great for a bedroom where you wish to quietly ease into sleep.

HOW you spend time in a room will help you decide which color scheme to use: Warm or cool. For more examples of harmonic color schemes, click this link: 34 Analogous Color Scheme Décor Ideas To Get Inspired Remember, like Charcuterie, there's 4 elements to master this French art. Next week: Shape Bon Appetite. Related Article: How to Use Warm and Cool Colors in Home Decor for a Balanced Feel

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