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Two Tips to Decorate with Color: Start Small and Trigger Memories

Let your personality be your guide to releasing the power of color in your home decor!

Color can uplift or relax. Motivate or console. Stimulate or quiet your soul.

1. From your experiences and memories, certain colors will quicken your breath.

Every time your see the color of soft orange it comforts you.


Memories of your favorite peach tree outside Gram's farmhouse kitchen window flood your mind anytime you see that succulent shade of orange.

Instantly you're taken back, remembering the sweet scent of the fruit as it floated through Gram's peach orchard. You'd grab a peach and with one nibble the savory flavor exploded in your mouth; juice oozing down your chin. To this day, the color of soft orange stirs up these fond memories and comfort you.

Experiences such as the mouth-watering peach leave lasting impressions and influence your personal reactions.

Family and friends aren't going to be the ones who spend the lengthy time in your home. In the end, it's your comfort that counts.

Pick colors that fit your personality and trigger your fond memories.

2. If you are nervous about bringing strong color into your space ... start small.

A simple way to begin adding color is with textiles. Accessories like pillows, throws, and area rugs. All these items can be easily switched out as your mood or seasons change.

Landscape painting with orange accent pillows on green couch
Orange accents pulled from Kate's original birch landscape oil painting.

Continue to add small amounts of color in creative places:

Green accents in hutch
Fabric placed inside my grandmother's antique hutch for added color.

Intrigued and want more creative ways to use color? Try these links:

BIrch painting with colors that match neutral bedspread and blue accent pillows
Art is a great place to begin in defining the colors in decorating your room.

What if you need particular colors?

I love commission work.

Your requests push me in new directions.

For example, take the birds paintings below. It all began with bright and white and transparent . . .

Next, all the colors with a bit more blue!

Then more texture, yet with softer colors . . .

Brown all the way around

I have you to thank for all the fun ways I've painted birds!

I love commissions and can't wait to see what you dream up next for me!

Decorate your home with your personality and colors that wrap you in comfort and joy!

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