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Why the colors and textures of acrylics fit so well into your home decor

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Part 3 of a 3-part series is my final guest … Acrylic.

He's here to chat about himself, but beware, he thinks he's a trumpeter swan. So don't worry he'll tell you why himself. And boast about his sidekick: Mixed Media, also known as Collage.

Personally I consider Mixed Media to be a real party animal.

But I'll let acrylic is doing the talking today.

Here he is:

“Hi there, friend, it’s acrylic here.

I’m a youngster. in the art world, that is, especially when you compare me to the centuries-old oil and watercolor medias.

No surprise that creators of pop art like Peter Max and Andy Warhol gave me celebrity status.

My pigment, or color, is bond together with a synthetic resin. During application, I'm mixed with water, making clean up easy.

Over the years, different additives have been created to enhance me. For added texture and thickness: modeling paste, glass beads, or Styrofoam pellets (to name a few) create different results. There’s even a crackling additive to give me an aged-look.

Unlike my pal, oil, I dry quickly.

So fast, sometimes if Kate is distracted, for as short as twenty minutes, when she returns her idle brush is stiff with dried paint.

Because my quick-drying nature raises difficulties for some artists, extenders have been created to s-l-o-w my drying time. Pretty clever.

Kate has used me for projects that require durability like downtown Holland Pigs on Parade, Girls Weekend Photo-op bus, and most recently birch trees on a bench. Easily I can be sprayed with a protective coating for added protection.

With my water-soluble nature, I’m perfect for mixed media creations as I blend with many glues, papers, inks, fabrics … and the list goes on.

And because I dry quickly, wax, chalk, pastels, crayons can be applied almost immediately making Kate’s creative process one continuous process.

Speaking of mixed media, I’ll be generous and let him say a few words. But only a few – hee, hee.

Hello, welcome to the life of the art party. At least that’s what I think of myself.


Because with me, anything goes.

It’s like cooking and literally adding the kitchen sink.

Technically, I’m considered a ‘mixed’ media any time an artist creates using two or more artistic medias in one painting, like acrylic and ink.

But I flourish using more unconventional items such as handmade papers, buttons, lace, … you name it.

Adding textures captivates your eye, causing it to linger longer.

The same is true with textures in your home. It's one reason why we cozy up in angora throws and velvety pillows.

75% of our knowledge is acquired visually.

The other 25% is from other senses, 12% from touch!

Kate’s most recent mixed media, “Strength,” includes acrylic, matte media, ink, torn paper, and printmaking.

Don't I look colorful on these practical items?

In fact, the beach towel just snatched the top seller spot from shower curtains!

There's so many fun things at Society 6, mugs, totes, clocks ...

By the way, you’re going to see more of me, Mixed Media, in Kate’s Holland Area Arts Solo Exhibit debuting in mid-May 2022, click here to read more

In the meantime, back to Kate.

Hello, Kate here, and this time I'm here to stay.

Mixed Media and Acrylic were my last guests.

Thanks for reading along. I hope you enjoyed engaging with these medias!

They're my best friends.


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