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A Lone Birch

My Artistic Journey

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In a candid and moving book, Kate asks the question that every female artist has to answer: How do I live and love and stay true to myself and my art?


It's a perennial question, one that Kate feels she is grappling with alone in her small-town Michigan life. In the end, she resorts to an old method of escape, with disastrous consequences. Abandoned, shamed, and without resources, she faces an uphill battle as she struggles to regain her self-esteem, return to her sons, and honor the painting that has been inside her all along. It's a journey that is both unique and universal, as Kate shows in tracing her own brave and often turbulent life. This memoir follows Kate's 30 years of trying, failing, enduring, and thriving. An absorbing tale of resilience and transformation that will resonate with anyone who has a passion. Read this inspiring book for its lessons and its lovely, honest prose.

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