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Mystery in a Spooky Old House 
Reading level: 5th grade - if you like the Hardy Boys, 39 Clues, or Nancy Drew you'll love this book
Mystery in the Spooky Old House

Rule-following Brian seeks to find Dead Fred's treasure while deciding if money really can buy friendship. 

Spunky brothers Brian and Adam are on a slippery slope as they return to visit their mother for winter break in Bismarck, North Dakota, for this third book in the Moynihan Brothers series. It's all fun as usual until Brian gets caught in an embarrassing situation in front of the neighborhood gossip, Glitzy Georgia. Brian must use some clever tricks if he’s going to outwit The Glitz and get her to keep his secret. 

But Brian's is not the only secret in the spooky old house on Second Street. The boys stumble onto a mystery as they crawl into an eerie attic and then follow dear Dead Fred’s trail of codes, puzzles, and brain teasers. They're hoping to unearth treasure ... but time is ticking! As they confront issues of right and wrong during the search, can the Moynihan boys overcome their differences and work as a team? And will they solve the mystery before winter break ends?

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