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Beached in a Camper
Reading level: 1st -2nd Grade - If you like Captain Underpants, you'll laugh at this book!
Beached in a Camper  1 - Front Book Cove

Spirited and foolhardy Adam must decide if his lucky seashell is the cause of his fate, or is it his own confidence that creates his destiny?

Love family fun at the lake in the summer? Then you'll laugh at two brothers as they stumble throughout a campground into quicksand, seagull poop and a handful of sticky situations. Solving a riddle from Grandma brings younger brother, Adam, the luck he needs- sometimes. Of course, older brother, Brian, with friends, Red, Freckles, and Hulk, manage to land smack dab in the middle of things, too. From tree forts to frog warts, the kids are in for mayhem and mishaps, while learning a lesson or two along the way.

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