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FREE: How to Make Your Wall Decor Say 'Home'
How to Make Your Wall Decor Say 'Home'

A reader says...

 ~ D. Cavett, Tampa, Florida

This digital book is such a gem. It helped me look around my house with new eyes and use what I have to create a cohesive style throughout my home that represents me so well."

Easily create a cohesive home all your own!

Does your home feel put together so you're proud to show it off to whoever is at the front door? So it'll take their breath away?


Breathe easy. I've got you covered.


Simply pick the chapter in this digital book that isolates your questions and go to it!


How to Make Your Wall Decor Say 'Home'

offers a simplified approach to sorting what you have on hand. Even odd-ball Aunt Ruth's old cameras, or any memorabilia.


  • Discover and develop your home décor style with ONE simple rule.

  • Uncover effortless tricks/techniques from wall groupings to single-piece placement.

  • Decide where, how high, whether your art needs a frame, or not, with quick decisions.

  • Learn how to buy ... if you need to.

Note from Author and Artist Kate Moynihan: In this digital book, I’ll break down your most common concerns about how to create harmony and a personal style on your walls and around your home. As an oil/watercolor artist and gallery owner for 25-plus years, I’m confident you’ll be making beautiful decisions in the snap of a finger!

Your home décor decision-making becomes a cinch.

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