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How to turn a few heads with this inexpensive, yet stunning, art book of paintings and inspiration.

You deserve to have beautiful things around you.

As well as your friends.

Every detail in your home and surroundings should cause your insides to tingle … be it your coffee table or office waiting area.

This art book of paintings will uplift and motivate your life!

It's thrilling for me to share my new book of paintings that were created during my year-long journey as I prepared for a solo exhibit at the Holland Area Arts Council.

Using Picasso’s 11-bull series as my muse, I explored simplifying my traditional impressionistic style.

Along the journey I learned a lot about bravery, patience, and leaving my comfort zone.

Excitedly I share my most valuable lessons and short stories, making this book a gem that'll put a spark in your heart.



Raindrops danced among a haze of gray. Then through the murky colors, the sun flickered, bringing hope from its warm glow.

It’s this balance of light and dark that inspired me. Using dark shadows against lighter tones added depth to the paintings.

Just like in life. The darker moments are comforted by the lighter, uplifting ones. It’s up to me which moments I'm going to focus on. I choose light.

This book brings more than a decoration to your home,

... it offers goodwill and fortitude for you, and perhaps a friend, too.

It's a gift packed with beautiful pictures and a subtle message of inspiration will become a cherished item that will always hold memories because it came from YOU!

This book is the perfect gift for:

· Birthdays

· Graduations

· Career moves

· Someone weathering an unexpected change

· Needs a pick-me-up

· A bit of encouragement

Of course, it’s ideal for anyone who loves color and art, too.

Oh, and don’t forget that person on your Christmas list who ‘has everything.’


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